View Full Version : Corvette C5/C6 Wheels..will they fit?

03-29-06, 04:23 PM
I inquired about fitment of C5/C6 Corvette wheels on my 2000 Xtreme and the following is what the vendor replied:

Thanks for checking with us. Actually, for you to put C5-C6 wheels on your
S-10 you would want the 5 X 4 3/4 TO 5 X 4 3/4 in the two-inch width. We
also have them listed on Ebay (Item #8046170681). I'll drop in the Ebay ad
link below so you can check them out and to purchase all you have to do is
click on "Buy It Now". We are currently offering FREE shipping (48 States)!
Thanks again. "

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about sticking these wheels on an S-10? Thanks for your help.

03-29-06, 06:43 PM
In general: Vette wheels will bolt right up to a 4X4 S-truck. On 2WD trucks, the answer is not so simple. Maybe, with spacer/adapters, and depending on how much drop, and what size tires, etc.

03-30-06, 03:36 PM
Thanks for the reply turbodog, it's a stock Xtreme which I'm told comes from the factory 2" lower than the other S-10. I think I may go for it with a set of ZO6 wheels using the spacers. BTW love your truck, I have always liked the Typhoon.

03-30-06, 08:47 PM
what ive herd you need 2'' spacers/adapters

Hammer Head
08-07-06, 12:37 AM
I needed 2" spacers up front & 3" spacers out back to put on C4 ZR1 wheels. Haven't had any problems w/ the spacers. Just remember to watch that your front tires dont rub when you make turns.. they're wider then stock.

08-07-06, 03:44 PM
I checked into the corvette wheels for my Xtremem Blazer but could only find a nine inch wheel as the narrowest. (These would have been the front wheels from a 'Vette.) This was too wide for the front of the Blazer with the offset provided on these wheels. Spacers would have moved them out further than I wnated so I gave up. The tires needed by those wheels would have sent my accountant (read: spouse) through the sunroof!! I just went with 8" wide wheels with a near factory offset. I would love to see those wheels on an S10 though.

11-03-06, 12:14 AM
well these arnt the C5/C6 wheels but the backspacing is the same. these are the ZR1 wheels on a 98 S10 truck. these are 17x9.5 front and 17x11 rear with 2" spacers. the wheels turn lock to lock with a slight rub. with the factory 2" drop on the extreme they still wouldnt rub bad enough to run away. the tires are wide as hell too. 275/40/17 front and 315/35/17 rear. but they sit flush with about 1/8" clearance between the tire and inner fender so no rubbing there at all. i also have a pic of these on an 86 blazer with a 5/5 drop and only some minor rubbing on a full lock to lock turn.

Hammer Head
11-03-06, 12:20 AM
Yep, that's what I'm running as you can tell from the previous post. They rub up front on hard turns.. the rim contacts the upper control arm. Found that out while I was swapping out my heater box & looked inside my wheel, really nice, not that bad though. I could see where it rubbed on the frame, too. I think when I finally get around to swappin the upper control arm to the tubular one to do the tall spindle/C5 brakes it should stop rim from makin sweet love to control arm.

02-06-07, 03:54 PM
How about the camaro 16X8s (from a 97)on a 96 Blazer 4X4 that came with the 235 70 15 s?Any issues?Ive found a set i can get for cheap and just curios?also a tire size equal in height to the stock tires?

Hammer Head
02-06-07, 04:23 PM
Look for a tire that's as close to 26" overall diameter. 315/35-17's are about 25.75" overall. 245/45-17's are almost dead nuts at 26" so if you're planning on running 16x8's a 255/50-16 is right at 26" overall & should fit quite well on those rims, too.

03-06-07, 07:46 PM
bought em now I just need a cheap set of tires.i think in going to run 255 55s or someting close.

03-06-07, 08:08 PM
An EBay store has the Z06, Z06 chrome, Z06 black, C6(5 spoke newer)chrome, C6 R style black and C6 polished/black for the S10 2WD. You will need the appropriate offset spacers and tire combo. They show pics of them on an actual 2nd Gen S-Series lowered. The EBay store is BonesEnterprises. Reading the ad it should be $850 for Tire/Wheel PKG and add $200 for 2WD spacer kit and add $100 for SY/TY spacer kit. Also they offer a diff tire for 4WD apps. Mounted and Balanced to your door from Atlanta,GA. They also have a customer photo album link to view other models with the wheels. Personally I like a deep wheel with a nice lip. The OEM ZQ8s I got are about perfect for me, but wish someone had them in a 17" 18" 19" or 20". Like the old IROC wheels which were orig 16"/15", you can now get them in whatever size. But I do like the C6 polished/black wheel. Here in Tally there is a Xtreme Blazer 2002 I believe with some OEM takeoff C6 chrome wheels and spacers. Dont think he has an issue with fitment or rubbing.

03-18-07, 12:43 PM
Got my wheels on.They are 16X8s off about a 99 Camaro.I bought a set of 255 55 16 General UHP tires to go on them and they fit real nice.Made a noticable improvement in the handling department over my 30 X9.50 15s .overall diameter is a hair under the stock 235 70s.Now its time to crank down those torsion bars a bit.Total expenditure for wheels and tires $470 installed.I' ll post pics later.

03-28-07, 11:19 PM
What, are the s10's and corvettes both 5 lug 4 3/4" bolt circle or something?! Thats pretty cool.... I wish I had a corvette lug pattern that would look sick! Damn 6 lug

03-28-07, 11:56 PM
What, are the s10's and corvettes both 5 lug 4 3/4" bolt circle or something?! Thats pretty cool.... I wish I had a corvette lug pattern that would look sick! Damn 6 lug
Get adapters, you would need spacers anyway

Hammer Head
03-29-07, 12:21 AM
Yeah. I'll look & see if I can find the adapters on Ebay.

Hammer Head
03-29-07, 12:27 AM
Hmm.. that's a bummer. All I can find is 6 on 5.5 by 5 on 4.5. I'm sure someone could make a custom adapter.

03-29-07, 12:30 AM
AIM does it. I have had some bad luck with them though