I have fresh off the mill 3/8" Little Larry's manual valves. MIC has stopped making there manual valves and finally someone has remade them. These new and improved valves have stainless steel balls, stainless toggle, anodized body and just plain cleaner looking. These are the same as MIC's only better quality. So far these are only available in 3/8", and in Black (Pictured) or Grey. They are $90ea. These are Made in Maryland. Sorry for the cell pics, will have some better ones up later.

If you would like 1,2,4 or 16
Manual air valves for air ride suspension. 3/8" ports, 1/8" air gauge port. Anodized for stronger durability and smoother bore finish. Valves are availible in black and grey.
For additional information and ordering pm me or contact little Larry at littleLarrys@hotmail.com